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Bondi Black to Launch All-Australian Deep Cleansing Facial Peel-off Mask

The Game-Changing Australian Facial Peel-off Mask will Revive the Skin with Deep Cleansing Action Like Never Before.

Bondi Black has announced that they will be launching their new and updated, ultimate facial peel-off masks to beautify the faces worldwide. Bondi Black is an all Australian cosmetic business and the all new facial peel-off will be entirely manufactured in Australia. Currently, the flagship product of the company called Bondi Black Deep Cleansing Facial Mask is prepared overseas from local and imported ingredients that are in turn packaged in Sydney, Australia but the new formula will be entirely Australian made and formulated.

In order to manufacture this 100% Australian facial peel-off mask, the company is now seeking public support and is raising funds on Kickstarter. The goal of this beautifying project is to raise AU $10,000 by Monday, April 17th 2017 and everyone is welcome to support it on Kickstarter by making their generous pledges.

In the polluted environment of the 21st century, skincare has become a major problem for men and women around the world and the dirt layers formed on the surface of facial skin damages it like nothing else. In order to say goodbye to the dirt and pollution layers on the skin, this all new facial mask will play a key role.

It is an all-natural deep cleansing facial mask that gets the skin revived and healthy. The ingredients of Bondi Black are entirely extracted from plants and give the skin a boost of antioxidants for deeper and more effective cleaning. The result is a fresh skin that stays healthy for a longer period of time in comparison to the ordinary facials and this makes Bondi Black really remarkable.

All the funds and pledges raised through this Kickstarter campaign will go towards raising the capital necessary to on-shore the production of this amazing product. Bondi Black is already in negotiation with their Sydney-based cosmetic formulator and the company is nearing the manufacturing phase. Moreover, the funds raised will also play a major role in marketing and public relations of this product in Australia and worldwide.

The company is welcoming generous support on its Kickstarter page and pledges can be made on the link below:

About This Project:

Bondi Black is an Australian cosmetics manufacturer known for creating the perfect facial mask. They are now raising funds on Kickstarter to back their 100% Australian facial peel-off mask that will be a difference maker in the health and beauty arena worldwide.

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