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SALVAGEDATA offers Free Data Recovery Services to Victims of the California Wildfires

Critical data recovery service lab, SALVAGEDATA, announces its offer of free Data Recovery Services to Victims of the California Wildfires until December 1st.

As part of the company’s way of giving back to the community, SALVAGEDATA Recovery has announced its offer of free data recovery services to residents and businesses in California that were affected by the California wildfires. The company is helping victims of the tragic wildfires to recover as much of their vital information as possible.

Data recovery is important not only to ensure businesses and individuals get back their otherwise lost vital information, but to also ensure that the information is not used by perpetrators of criminal acts. However, businesses and individuals have not been able to get the best of data recovery services with some providers either charging exorbitantly, or failing to deliver on their claims. This is where companies like SLAVAGEDATA come in particularly helpful, with a wide range of premium quality services that include RAID and Hard Drive recoveries for businesses and individuals at remarkably affordable prices.

The ​company, based ​in ​Cleveland, ​Ohio, ​is ​offering ​its ​hard ​drive ​recovery ​service ​free ​of ​charge ​to those ​affected ​by ​the ​disastrous wildfires ​spreading across the United States’ ​west ​coast. This is not only helping victims recover their vital information at no cost, but also ensures that they restore their priceless information as quickly as possible.

This offer ​is ​restricted ​to ​hard ​drives ​from ​the ​states ​affected ​by ​these ​fires ​and ​the damage ​must ​be ​related ​to ​water, ​fire, ​or ​smoke ​damaged ​PCB’s ​(Printed ​Circuit Boards). ​The free recovery service offer is scheduled to run till December 1st, 2017.

As a way ​of ​helping ​individuals ​and ​businesses ​recover data from ​devices that cannot be repaired, SALVAGEDATA Recovery will also be providing deeply discounted prices for any drive(s) that has ​suffered ​damage ​outside ​of PCB ​failure. This is to ​save ​victims ​of ​this ​natural disaster ​thousands ​of ​dollars ​required to recover critical ​data.

Described ​as one of the most prestige data recovery service ​providers not only in the United States but also ​in ​the ​world, SALVAGEDATA ​is known to ​offer ​its ​services at affordable rates with ​amazing ​turnaround times, with a unique combination of quality and affordability. ​Diagnostics are usually​completed within 48 hours, which is second to none in the industry, with several options of recovery speeds available.

​The economy service is​ included, ​which ​ensures that clients ​​get ​their ​information ​back ​within ​3 ​weeks ​after ​submission.

For more ​information ​about ​this ​offer, interested persons are urged to ​call ​1-800-972-DATA​(3282) ​or ​visit ​the company’s ​website to ​send ​in ​their Hard Drive, ​Flash ​Drive, ​RAID, ​or ​any ​other ​data ​storage ​device by clicking here.


SALVAGEDATA Recovery is the world’s leading ISO and SOC certified data recovery service provider formed by a team of senior experts in the computer forensics and data recovery industry.

​Headquartered in New York City, the company serves governments, businesses and individuals worldwide. SALVAGEDATA Recovery designs, engineers, and manufacture top of the line​data recovery tools and equipment, for industry professionals.

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