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Chinese screenwriter Zhu Rui won the best screenwriter award on the 2017 New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

“China Day” awards ceremony of New York International TV Festival was held at the SVA Theater in New York on October 27, 2017 at the local time, and the Chinese screenwriter Mr. Zhu Rui won the best screenwriter of the year.

Numerous stars gathered in this award ceremony, the main creative staff won the Golden Oak Award, including the well-known director You Xiaogang, the producer Huang Lan and Li Bo, the screenwriter Qin Wen and Zhu Rui, the well-known actors Gui Yalei and Liu Kaiwei, thus to display the development results of China’s TV industry on the international film and television high-end platform, and show the style of China’s outstanding TV series.

New York International TV Festival worked together with the American Asian Film and Television Alliance this time to launch the China Day link for the first time, and Mr. Zhu Rui has also been among the first batch of Chinese screenwriters for the honor.

Previously, on the most authoritative and influential annual festival for screenwriters at home, Zhu Rui and its created “66 script institute” had also won the title of “The most concerned screenwriter team” for the its “small output, high quality” creative features, and the New York TV Festival award was also the recognition again on Zhu Rui and the fine product route of his team.

After winning the New York TV Festival, Zhu Rui said to the media that, he was very pleased to win this honor and communicate with the international front-line television practitioners, he believed that South Korean drama, American drama and British drama had their own high-quality content and different cultural connotations, and he thought that these difference would break the border and became the public entertainment, he particularly liked this American series of American Horror Story, and expected to make China’s own “horror story” together with the international production team in the future. Meanwhile, Zhu Rui and the No. 66 screenwriters at home were originally a team with the international genes, and many years ago this team had in-depth cooperation with well-known international production teams from Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Italy, and later one, the No. 66 screenwriter team continued to on international cooperation with its own international advantage.

The No. 66 screenwriter team founded by Zhu Rui at home, will launch new works every year by the quantity, and gets praised by the industry, besides the international genes, the team also has a “strange” feature, its works yield is very low, the production team need to negotiate with the team in advance for long, and the cooperate intention will be determined after their project assessment, which is the guarantee of the quality of the project, and this kind of craftsman spirit in the creative level can make the production team they work with deeply feel at ease.

The excitement from winning the award by Zhu Rui is not only for the affirmation on the team works and himself, but because this is the opportunity for Chinese TV drama to work towards the international world, Chinese film has long had its own influence in the international market, while the Chinese TV series in recent years has also developed rapidly to have the new look every day, Zhu Rui believed that the Chinese TV market would be the largest global market in the future, and he was honored to become the link between the Chinese TV series culture and the world’s TV series culture, and he would contribute his own strength for the glory of Chinese TV series.

Zhu Rui also talked about his own creative ideas from the international development of Chinese TV series, and completed with the international content model with the Chinese characteristics combining the rhythm of the American TV series with the oriental aesthetic model, so that the TV series script created by him could stand out of the numerous film and television works in the absolute innovative form.

The world will pay more and more attention to the development of Chinese culture and Chinese TV series, and the individuals and teams to create attentively are worth encouraging and anticipating, let’s wish Zhu Rui and his 66 screenwriter could continue to climb the peak, and be more active in the international arena.

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